About Us

At As-Sadiq School we strive to provide “Superlative education with an Islamic perspective”.  We not only adhere to the guidelines of the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training, but also enhance it through integration of Islamic values.  In the final analysis, when a student of As-Sadiq School beholds a rainbow, he/she will be able to explain the scientific phenomenon with facility and enforce it with relevant ayats from the Qu’ran with conviction.  We have a faculty that is well qualified and committed to meet the challenges set out in our Mission Statement.

On our journey to academic success, a lot of emphasis is laid on the tripartite collaboration between the home, the school and the student.  It is this seamless pattern which, when repeated incessantly, enhances the opportunities and advancement of the student.  It brings all the stakeholders together.  The handbook outlines procedures to help make the learning experience of your child worthwhile and enjoyable.

Please feel free to bring to our attention any concerns you may have regarding your child.  The sooner it is addressed, the better it will be for all concerned.

We hope that this academic year will Insha’Allah be fruitful, pleasant and memorable.  May Allah grant us the wisdom and foresight to discharge our duties to your children with diligence as recommended by our Prophet and the Ahlulbayt.  We pray that we collectively remain on siraatul mustaqim.  May Allah bless our school and may He guard and guide us at all times.  Jazak-Allah Khayr.

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