Mission Statement

Our school will be an inviting place where all individuals work harmoniously to achieve excellence in education in a safe and healthy environment. It will promote continued growth of students and staff as life-long learners within the Ja’fari Islamic values, while upholding and appreciating the changing Canadian society. With the support of the stakeholders, the students will be able to develop their spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social potential. The school environment will nurture a sense of self-worth, self-discipline, understanding of the rights of fellow human beings, interdependence between local and global issues, and above all, develop an integrated Islamic personality.

The Goals

The goal of As-Sadiq Islamic School is to educate children, in the best of academic traditions, using a curriculum complying with the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training’s academic goals and achievement standards.

Parents are encouraged to get involved with their children’s education and to participate in the regular Parent-Teacher Liaison Group (PTLG) meetings. As-Sadiq Islamic School is structured to allow the students to involve their parents in their school life and school work.

As-Sadiq Islamic School will impart religious and moral education, according to the principles of the Ja’fari Islamic faith, so as to inculcate in the students an integrated Islamic personality.

To meet this goal, students will receive instruction in Islamic Studies, Qur’an recitation and memorization, salat and remembrance of special Islamic events/holidays. The curriculum is fully integrated with Islamic perspectives, including knowledge, history, traditions and values, and the students receive daily reinforcement in Islamic personality traits and moral ethics.

The school will promote universally accepted values of tolerance, mutual understanding, peace and good citizenship.

We believe that no two children are identical. An effective school program responds to this diversity with a curriculum that will meet individual differences and maximize each student’s potential.