As-Sadiq Islamic High School – Now Ministry Certified

Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate, lead, and inspire world-class, innovative thinkers and expert communicators through a focus on the relationship between educator and student built around challenging, meaningful, and engaging curriculum in an Islamic Environment enabling them to become healthy productive Muslim Canadian citizens.

Established objectives to ensure that each student has the maximum opportunity to learn.


To provide the tradition of excellence in academics, personal growth


To create a positive learning environment through shared responsibility of teachers, students and parents


To develop a feeling of self worth through accomplishments, discipline and respect for oneself and others


To prepare students for the world of work by developing productivity, punctuality and pride in work


To encourage self-motivation so that students take a responsible role in their own education.


Instilling sound knowledge of the Islamic Faith and foster characteristics that will enable them to be prepared to face life’s challenges as self confident, strong and caring Muslim Canadian citizens

The achievement of these objectives depends upon the shared responsibilities of students, teachers and parents.

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