IT Responsible Use Policy

Computers and the use of information technology can be an exciting way to add to our learning. When used effectively, computers can allow us to explore ideas and concepts in new and stimulating ways. However, our computers must be used in responsible and ethical ways. Whether we are interacting in the online world or “face-to-face”, we must always remember to present ourselves in the most moral and proper way possible. All users must adhere to the following Responsible Use Policy and must acknowledge their responsibilities toward the appropriate use and care of all school technology.

1) The use of the school’s computer resources must be used for school/educational purposes. Students have the right to use the computers for study/research for school related activity. Students are not allowed to access social media sites or any other sites that are not related to their school work.

2) Inappropriate or insulting content may not be accessed on any device. Any content that would be deemed to offend another person, or group of people, is strictly banned.

3) Students must log in only using their own password and login information. They are not allowed to “borrow” or use anyone else’s password at any time. Students must identify themselves honestly when using the school’s computer resources and never share their password with anyone else

4) Computer and technology users must respect the equipment they are working with. Students are expected to act responsibly towards their equipment by handling it correctly. Food and drink are not to be used when using the equipment.

5) Students cannot download or install any new programs or change any software/hardware on school laptops.

6) Computer settings are not to be changed or altered in any way, unless instructed to do so by a teacher

7) Computer users must understand that their computer use may be monitored and followed at any time. Computer use is not private and teachers have the right to access a student’s work at anytime to make sure all rules are being followed. This includes internet and any network usage.

8) All users must adhere to copyright laws and regulations. Users are not allowed print material restricted by copyright laws or take credit for another person’s work.

9) Students must never give out their personal identifying information (i.e. address/telephone number) on the computer at any time

10) Students are prohibited from bullying or threatening others while online or face to face. They are not to use rude language or behaviour while interacting or dealing with others.

11) If students encounter a problem while working on their computers, they must not try and solve the problem themselves. They should instead ask their teacher for help.

All computer users must agree to follow all of the above guidelines for the Computer Use Policy. Any users who are caught breaking this agreement will be subject to the school’s Code of Discipline which can include the loss of the right to use any school equipment.

Download the IT Responsible Use Policy