Sr. Asma Panju

Sr. Asma Panju has been working at As-Sadiq over the past 15 years.  She has been a teacher in our Montessori Program for 11 of those years.  However, she has spent the entire 15 years heading this program growing it from the ground up to the success it is today.  She has also devoted much of her time to leading many school initiatives including community outreach, social and fundraising events.

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Sr. Zainab Rasool

Sr. Zainab Rasool also has a long standing history at the school serving as a teacher for 11 years.  She is a gifted teacher with experience teaching from grades 5-11 over this time.   Over the last few years, she has taken on a leadership role  serving as the department head of the elementary and high school division.  She has also had formal training in guidance counselling and served our school as a guidance counsellor for our senior students.

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