The Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

When most parents think of the Parents Teacher Association (PTA), they think of volunteering at their child’s school for fun and educational activities. Although there are abundant opportunities for such events, in actuality the PTA is much more than that. The PTA is an advocate and one voice for the many different ethnic groups that make up a school’s mosaic.

At As Sadiq Islamic School, the PTA acts as a liaison between the school and parents to foster a healthy and productive learning environment. We listen to the opinions of the parents, teachers and students and then introduce programmes affecting their education, health and welfare. As the history of parents association group reveals, active relationships between parents and teachers provides powerful support for children’s educational lives.

In addition to the executive, there are several sub-committees.

    The programmes currently being managed by the PTA are:

  • Fun day.
  • Graduation.
  • Health and Fitness.
    • This further consists of an anti-bullying programme.
    • Relationship development between York region police and school.
    • Forming a connection between York public health and school.
    • Introducing healthy eating initiatives at school.
    • Introducing and making accessible physical activities for students.
  • Muhurrum.
  • Pizza.
  • Rewards Card.