School Fees

For the current fee schedule, please contact the school office at 905.695.1588 or email at [email protected] There is a non-refundable registration fee of $150.00 per child for new students.


School Uniforms

The wearing of school uniform is mandatory for all students attending As-Sadiq. Hijab (scarves) are also mandatory for all girls during prayers and for girls eight years and older during the school day. To keep our school cleaner and safer, students need a pair of shoes to change into when they come into the classroom rather than wearing their outdoor shoes. The students are not to wear outdoor clothes inside the school and classrooms.

Uniforms must be purchased from the school.

Please ensure that all personal articles are clearly marked with your child’s name; i.e., boots, indoor shoes, running shoes, bags, gym clothing, shirts, blouses, pants, cardigans, coats, lunch kits, etc. Valuables and money should not be brought to school.

Every year many articles of clothing are lost by students. This could be dramatically decreased if all clothing were marked clearly with the owner’s name. A “lost and found” box is kept near the lockers. Any clothes that are left are given to charity at the end of each academic year.

Uniform Policy

Uniform Store