Core French

The ability to communicate in French is a valuable skill, because French is one of Canada’s two official languages and is also widely used around the world.

Second-language learning in general is valuable for a number of reasons.  Research confirms that knowledge of a second language strengthens first-language skills, and that the ability to speak two or more languages generally enhances problem-solving and reasoning skills, the capacity for creative thinking, and the ability to respect and understand other cultures.  Second-language learning strengthens students’ ability to communicate and participate effectively in the workplace and the global community.  It also increases their ability to understand themselves and other people, and helps them to appreciate the power of words and the many different uses of language.

The aim of Core French program is to develop basic communication skills in French and an understanding of the nature of the language, as well as an appreciation of French culture in Canada and in other parts of the world.  The Core French program offers students a valuable educational experience and the opportunity to develop a basic usable command of the French language that can be expanded through further study or contact with French-speaking people.

Core French is introduced in the Montesssori program and is taught as a regular subject from Grades 1 – 8.